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Angband Bugreports

[Shelob (15 kByte)] If you find a bug then report it to me at rr9@thangorodrim.net. I can't fix the bug if I don't know of it.

You should include the following informations in your bugreports:

  • A description of the bug or problem (it wouldn't be a bug-report without this).
  • The Angband version number, what system you are using and what compiler you used (if you compiled it yourself).
  • A way to reproduce the bug if you can find one. A savefile is often very helpful to track the problem down. It's very difficult to fix a bug that I can't reproduce.
  • A fix for the problem if you know one. :-)

Known bugs in Angband 2.9.3

The info for the Teleport Self spell is incorrect.

Reported by Jaroslav Sladek

Description: Range displayed for mage Teleport Self spell is plev * 10, but the real value used is plev * 5.

Fix (10th August 2001): teleport_self_info.diff

The confirmation for wizard mode is required every time wizard mode is switched on.

Reported by Jaroslav Sladek

Fix (10th August 2001): wizard_mode_confirmation.diff

The spell-info for the cloud-kill spell is wrong.

Reported by John I'anson-Holton

Fix (22nd September 2001): cloud_kill.diff

See also the known bugs in Angband 2.9.2

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