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Number of the monster:
Name of the monster:
ASCII symbol of the monster: Color:

Monster stats:

Average speed:(110 is normal speed)
Hipoints: d
Range of detection (in 10 feet):
Armor Class:
Sleep:(0 is vigilant ... over 200 is ignorant)
Experience for killing:

Monster melee attacks:

First attack: to for d
Second attack: to for d
Third attack: to for d
Fourth attack: to for d

Monster flags:

Unique monster (UNIQUE):
Quest monster (QUESTOR):
Male gender (MALE):
Female gender (FEMALE):
Absorbs symbol (CHAR_CLEAR):
Changes symbol (CHAR_MULTI):
Absorbs color (ATTR_CLEAR):
Changes color (ATTR_MULTI):
Is never found out of depth (FORCE_DEPTH):
Starts with highest possible hitpoints (FORCE_MAXHP):
Is always created sluggish (FORCE_SLEEP):
Usually appears in groups (FRIEND):
Usually appears in large groups (FRIENDS):
Usually appears with an escort (ESCORT):
Usually appears with escorts (ESCORTS):
Has no physical attacks (NEVER_BLOW):
Does not deign to chase intruders (NEVER_MOVE):
Moves a bit erratically (RAND_25):Both flags together = Moves extremely erratically.
Moves sowhat erratically (RAND_50):
Drops only treasure (ONLY_GOLD):
Drops only items (ONLY_ITEM):
60% chance for drop (DROP_60):
90% chance for drop (DROP_90):
Drops 1d2 objects (DROP_1D2):
Drops 2d2 objects (DROP_2D2):
Drops 3d2 objects (DROP_3D2):
Drops 4d2 objects (DROP_4D2):
Drop only good items (DROP_GOOD):
Drop only great items (DROP_GREAT):
Drop a chosen object (DROP_CHOSEN):
Is stupid (STUPID):
Behaves "smart" (SMART):
Can speak (CAN_SPEAK):
Reflects bolt spells (REFLECTING):
Is invisible (INVISIBLE):
Is cold blooded (COLD_BLOOD):
Is not detected by telepathy (EMPTY_MIND):
Is rarely detected by telepathy (WEIRD_MIND):
Breeds explosively (MULTIPLY):
Regenerates quickly (REGENERATE):
Is a shapechanger (SHAPECHANGER):
Is multi-hued (ATTR_ANY):
Casts powerful spells (POWERFUL):
Sanity-blasting (ELDRITCH_HORROR):
Is surrounded by flames (AURA_FIRE):
Is surrounded by electricity (AURA_ELEC):
Opens doors (OPEN_DOOR):
Bashs down doors (BASH_DOOR):
Passes through walls (PASS_WALL):
Bores through walls (KILL_WALL):
Pushs past weaker monsters (MOVE_BODY):
Destroys weaker monsters (KILL_BODY):
Picks up objects (TAKE_ITEM):
Destroys objects (KILL_ITEM):
Unused (BRAIN_1):
Unused (BRAIN_2):
Unused (BRAIN_3):
Unused (BRAIN_4):
Unused (BRAIN_5):
Unused (BRAIN_6):
Unused (BRAIN_7):
Unused (BRAIN_8):
Orc (ORC):
Troll (TROLL):
Giant (GIANT):
Dragon (DRAGON):
Demon (DEMON):
Undead (UNDEAD):
Evil (EVIL):
Natural (ANIMAL):
Amberite (AMBERITE):
Good (GOOD):
Is surrounded by ice (AURA_COLD):
Has no lifeforce (NONLIVING):
Is hurt by bright light (HURT_LITE):
Is hurt by rock remover spells (HURT_ROCK):
Unused - Is hurt by fire (HURT_FIRE):
Unused - Is hurt by cold (HURT_COLD):
Is immune to acid (IM_ACID):
Is immune to lightning (IM_ELEC):
Is immune to fire (IM_FIRE):
Is immune to cold (IM_COLD):
Is immune to poison (IM_POIS):
Resists teleportation (RES_TELE):
Resists nether (RES_NETH):
Resists water (RES_WATE):
Resists plasma (RES_PLAS):
Resists nexus (RES_NEXU):
Resists disenchantment (RES_DISE):
Nazgul - Maximal created seven times (UNIQUE_7):
Cannot be frightened (NO_FEAR):
Cannot be stunned (NO_STUN):
Cannot be confused (NO_CONF):
Cannot be slept (NO_SLEEP):
Is aquatic (AQUATIC):
Can swim (CAN_SWIM):
Can fly (CAN_FLY):
Is friendly (FRIENDLY):
Never appears in the dungeon (WILD_ONLY):
Appears in town (WILD_TOWN):
Appears at the ocean shore (WILD_SHORE):
Appears in the ocean (WILD_OCEAN):
Appears in the wasteland (WILD_WASTE):
Appears in forests (WILD_WOOD):
Appears in volcanos (WILD_VOLCANO):
Appears in the mountains (WILD_MOUNTAIN):
Appears in grassland (WILD_GRASS):
Appears in swamps (WILD_SWAMP):
Appears in the dungeon and in all wilderness areas (WILD_TOO):
Not implemented - Leaves a corpse (DROP_CORPSE):
Not implemented - Leaves a skeleton (DROP_SKELETON):

Monster spell flags:

Spell frequency: One spell every turns.
Shriek for help (SHRIEK):
Shoot a rocket (ROCKET):
Fire arrows (ARROW_1):
Fire arrows (ARROW_2):
Fire missiles (ARROW_3):
Fire missiles (ARROW_4):
Breath acid (BR_ACID):
Breath lightning (BR_ELEC):
Breath fire (BR_FIRE):
Breath frost (BR_COLD):
Breath poison (BR_POIS):
Breath nether (BR_NETH):
Breath lite (BR_LITE):
Breath darkness (BR_DARK):
Breath confusion (BR_CONF):
Breath sound (BR_SOUN):
Breath chaos (BR_CHAO):
Breath disenchantment (BR_DISE):
Breath nexus (BR_NEXU):
Breath time (BR_TIME):
Breath inertia (BR_INER):
Breath gravity (BR_GRAV):
Breath shards (BR_SHAR):
Breath plasma (BR_PLAS):
Breath force (BR_WALL):
Breath mana (BR_MANA):
Produce balls of radiation (BA_NUKE):
Breath toxic waste (BR_NUKE):
Invoke raw Logrus (BA_CHAO):
Breath disenchantment (BR_DISI):
Produce acid balls (BA_ACID):
Produce lightning balls (BA_ELEC):
Produce fire balls (BA_FIRE):
Produce frost balls (BA_COLD):
Produce poison balls (BA_POIS):
Produce nether balls (BA_NETH):
Produce water balls (BA_WATE):
Produce mana storms (BA_MANA):
Produce darkness storms (BA_DARK):
Drain mana (DRAIN_MANA):
Cause mind blasting (MIND_BLAST):
Cause brain smashing (BRAIN_SMASH):
Cause light wounds and cursing (CAUSE_1):
Cause serious wounds and cursing (CAUSE_2):
Cause critical wounds and cursing (CAUSE_3):
Cause mortal wounds (CAUSE_4):
Produce acid bolts (BO_ACID):
Produce lightning bolts (BO_ELEC):
Produce fire bolts (BO_FIRE):
Produce frost bolts (BO_COLD):
Produce poison bolts (BO_POIS):
Produce nether bolts (BO_NETH):
Produce water bolts (BO_WATE):
Produce mana bolts (BO_MANA):
Produce plasma bolts (BO_PLAS):
Produce ice bolts (BO_ICEE):
Produce magic missiles (MISSILE):
Terrify (SCARE):
Blind (BLIND):
Confuse (CONF):
Slow (SLOW):
Paralyze (HOLD):
Haste self (HASTE):
Hand of doom (HAND_DOOM):
Heal self (HEAL):
Blink-self (BLINK):
Teleport-self (TPORT):
Teleport to (TELE_TO):
Teleport away (TELE_AWAY):
Teleport level (TELE_LEVEL):
Create darkness (DARKNESS):
Create traps (TRAPS):
Cause amnesia (FORGET):
Not yet implemented - Raise dead (ANIM_DEAD):
Summon Kin (S_KIN):
Summon Cyberdemons (S_CYBER):
Summon Monster (S_MONSTER):
Summon Monsters (S_MONSTERS):
Summon Ant (S_ANT):
Summon Spider (S_SPIDER):
Summon Hound (S_HOUND):
Summon Hydra (S_HYDRA):
Summon Angel (S_ANGEL):
Summon Demon (S_DEMON):
Summon Undead (S_UNDEAD):
Summon Dragon (S_DRAGON):
Summon High Undeads (S_HI_UNDEAD):
Summon High Dragons (S_HI_DRAGON):
Summon Amberites (S_AMBERITES):
Summon Uniques (S_UNIQUE):

Monster description:

Every line has to start with 'D:'. For example:
D:It is slowly making its way towards you, eating everything in 
D:its path...

R_info.txt entry:

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